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What is Coaching?

What do you do again?

You're like a teacher, right?

Not really. Although there is tons of learning in coaching, a teacher's job is to provide knowledge and evaluate their students to ensure comprehension. Coaching is a bit different... 

I get it, you are a consultant!

Well... consultants are subject matter experts that provide recommendations on solutions. A coach does not need to be a subject matter expert to help clients find breakthroughs...

Then you are kind of like a therapist...

Sorry Charlie, not a therapist either. Therapists work with clients on uncovering past events that are having an impact on their current situation and help them heal so that they can move forward in a positive way. 

You must be a mentor then...

Not quite either... A mentor provides their clients with directions based on their personal experiences. A coach partners with our clients so that THEY can find their own answers. 

So what the heck DO you do???

You were not entirely wrong. All coaches have a little mentor, therapist, consultant and teacher in them. However, a TRUE coach works with clients to help them determine action steps that will allow them to reach their goals. We do this by providing insights, support and accountability. In essence a coach:

  • Discovers, clarifies and aligns with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourages client self-discovery
  • Elicits client generated solutions and strategies
  • Holds the client responsible and accountable


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