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Andre provided an open environment for me to grow, take risks, and make mistakes. His calm and welcoming demeanor allowed me to talk through stressful situations and come up with positive solutions in a way that empowered creative thinking. I believe that his success as a coach and team leader was heavily impacted by his ability to listen, understand, and celebrate the differences of his team. This created a culture of acceptance and collaboration where each team member felt valued and respected.
— Allison Baron, Global Account Manager at Ernst and Young
Andre won our divisional Employee of the Year award for a myriad of reasons - some of which include being the consummate teammate, leader on the floor, a key driver of business objectives and principally for being the one associate above all who espoused our core values. Andre has a natural ability to relate with people and has a passion for bringing teams together to see a consistent vision.
— E. Stojov, Director of Client Services at Valassis
Andre is a thoughtful leader who truly cares about people. He has a contagious personality. Even if you were in a bad mood, it would change after a chat with Andre. He is a forward thinker and is continuously looking for ways to help individuals and teams improve. He takes his time with you and you can tell he is truly interested in the conversation.
— J. Reno, Learning & Development at AAA Life Insurance Co.

Andre and I worked together when he took over the sales onboarding program at our organization. There was no better first impression to the company then participating in an Andre led program. From day one he made our new sales reps feel comfortable, encouraged learning by facilitating discussions and helped them understand by having them come up with their own answers. This approach made for a not only a strong training program, but allowed the new sales reps to form a bond that they maintained for years to come.
If you are looking for a partner to help you or your team develop, look no further than Andre and Wyse Coaching.
— Mike Dorrington, VP of Sales & Marketing at Electric Guard Dog
Andre brings great leadership and a positive attitude. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious. He is always helpful and insightful, but always welcomes others’ ideas.
— J. Daniels, Sr. Account Executive at American Direct Marketing Resources

Andre helped me find great efficiencies and turn challenges into future successes. He is a model on how to turn difficult conversations into encouraging ones.
— S. Wright, Campaign Specialist at AAA Life Insurance Co.

When you are used to performing your duties on a day in day out basis, you forget about your own growth and development. Andre, brought me a fresh perspective and assured me that I could handle additional duties and that my input and experience is invaluable.
— D. Gregory, Program Specialist at AAA Life Insurance Co.
Andre’s insightful views have given me more confidence in dealing with my partners and colleagues. In fact, his lessons have created a positive culture change throughout our office.
Andre does this with a leadership manner that melds just the right touch of firmness and decisiveness with a personable style and great sense of humor that served to motivate everyone to achieve greatness.
— Bruce Clayton, Director of Account Services at Seeds Marketing and Design
Andre is a person that works both personally and professionally to build and foster relationships on a daily basis. Many teammates have noted their professional development is a result of Andre’s willingness to provide support. He loves his role as a coach as evident through his thought provoking questions.
— G. Pappas, Sr. Manager at Valassis

I worked with Andre for 2 years and during this time he helped me grow professionally by providing me support and guidance to achieve my career goals. I enjoyed and looked forward to our meetings. He always made it a point to listen and encourage me. When an issue arose, we would work together to come up with a solution. He did not make the decision on his own, he valued my opinion which made me feel valued and part of a great team.
— Lisa Sultana - Campaign Specialist, AAA Life Insurance Company

Together we go farther! I partnered with Andre and Wyse Coaching to help me focus on the development of my business DaO Detroit, and couldn’t be more impressed. Working with Andre has allowed me to think critically through challenging issues and carve out a plan of action to design creative solutions. He was able to help me see scenarios I would not have on my own as I can sometimes get stuck in the weeds of day-to-day and need the time and space to rise higher and see the big picture. I would recommend Andre’s services to any young entrepreneur, business owner or professional that is looking to achieve more. Invest in yourself and realize the greatest returns!
— Erin Patten - Founder and Owner - Dao Detroit

Within three weeks of coaching with Andre, I gained more clarity on my goals and objectives at work and in my personal life. He asks great questions to help you figure out what you really want and how to get there.
— Jonathan Mallard - Digital Strategist - Benzinga

Working with Andre at Wyse Coaching works great for me because so much of my work is done alone. I need insightful accountability and a trusted mind to share goals and project timelines. Andre helped me prioritize the work currently on my table, and he is another eye on opportunities I may overlook. I’m greatly appreciative of his work.
— Shannon Cason - Storyteller and Podcast Host - www.shannoncason.com
I really did not know what to expect but Andre has helped me be more organized and has kept me on task to execute what I needed to get my website going.
— Sara Weertz - Farnsworth Upcycle
Working with Andre has been a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure if coaching would make a difference, but it certainly has. Through coaching I have been able to set short term goals and better define what success means to me.
— Tash Moore - Catch 313