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Coaching Lessons from Frank Turner


This is an exciting week for me. I get to go see Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls at The Fillmore Detroit on Thursday May, 31st. Frank Turner is an English artist who’s lyrics are inspiring and sound varies between acoustic punk and Bruce Springsteen. There are still some tickets available if you want to meet me there…

I became aware of Mr. Turner when I attended the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta in 2015. I did some research on his music and was intrigued, but what really sold me was his live show. He played the hits, interacted with the audience and just killed it. I was blown away. Here is a link for you to get a taste (this is the actual set at SK I saw):

Anyway, as a tribute to Mr. Turner I wanted to showcase some of his lyrics that made an impact on me and that can be used by anyone to grow, develop and put things into perspective. Without further ado…

Peggy Sang the Blues

Lyric: It doesn’t matter where you come from… It matters where you go. No one gets remembered… by the things they didn’t do.

I have this lyric at the back of my mind at all times. Every time I get scared about doing something, whether its calling a larger client for leadership workshops or applying for a speaking engagement that might be a little larger than the ones I am accustomed to, I think of this lyric. No one gets remembered by the things they didn’t do… In order to enjoy the spoils of success, you need to take action, or someone else will.

If Ever I Stray

Lyric: The path I chose isn’t straight and narrow, it wonders around like a drunken fellow, some days it’s hard for me to follow, but if you’ve got my back I’ll go on.

I might have used this quote a time or two… Look, no matter what we set out to do, we will never have things fall into place perfectly. When was the last time you read an auto-biography where everything worked out, and there were no detours along the way? Life is messy. You are going to change your mind. Passages will be blocked. The secret here is to arm yourself with a support network that will have your back no matter where your path leads you. As long as you are moving forward (even if it the road is not straight) then you are growing and learning.

The Way I Tend to Be

Lyric: Some days I wake up dazed my dear, and I don’t know where I am. I’ve been running now so long I’m scared I’ve forgotten how to stand.

This lyric speaks to me in regard to setting goals and objectives. Knowing where you want to go so that when you are working hard you are working TOWARDS something. At times we get so consumed with fear and anxiety about getting to where we want to be, that we forget where we are going. We just start taking action aimlessly and burnout because we have not gotten the progress we are looking for. It is not enough to do, you need to do with a purpose so that you can get closer to fulfilling dreams. If not, you will end up wondering what it is that you wanted in the first place.


Lyric: If we had the luck to live our lives a second time through we’d be sure to get the same tattoos

This song immediately spoke to me. Maybe it’s because I have three tattoos from college that might not have aged as well as I hoped. Especially the one with a girl on a rocket on my shoulder. Regardless, my tattoos remind me of my times in college, the fun I had. They remind me of my punk rock obsession and of times where I was bold enough to do something for me, instead of anybody else. If I had the chance to do it over, I would get the same tattoos. The only regrets in life should be focused on the chances you did not take, because everything you have done has molded you into who you are today.

Be More Kind

Lyric: In a world that has decided that it’s going to lose its mind, be more kind my friends, try to be more kind

This is the title song of Frank Turner’s latest record. It is a simple message with powerful meaning. No matter how crazy the world gets, we are the ones that dictate how we are going to live. How we are going to interact with each other. How we will make a difference. So, in a world where things may seem hopeless, and struggles are all around us, let’s try to be more kind. Kindness will shape our future.

Get Better

Lyric: Try to get better and don’t ever accept less. Take a plain black marker and write this on your chest. Draw a line underneath all of this unhappiness, come on now let’s fix this mess. We could get better. Because we’re not dead yet.

We can always get better. As long as you have a beating heart you have a chance to be a better version of who you are today. What are you doing to make that happen? What would happen if your quest to improving yourself is not negotiable? Where would you end up? What impact could you make? Let’s make a pledge to never settle, to always push a little harder, to do a little more, to be a little greater. Don’t we owe that to ourselves? Don’t we owe that to Frank Turner?

Andre Mello is a business development coach and loves himself some live music. He has been in marketing and leadership for over 17 years. If you would like to connect with Andre, please visit www.wysecoaching.com

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