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Spring Clean Your Way to Success


Today is the first day of Spring, also called the Spring Equinox. I know this not because I am a weather enthusiast, although in Michigan Spring cannot come fast enough, but because it is my son’s birthday. Trust me, he does not let me forget.

At the equinox, the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world. It is truly a reset, and in the northern hemisphere it is the start of longer days and more sunshine. BRING ON THE LIGHT!!

Given that the universe is already resetting, why not take this opportunity and start your own transformation at work? I mean, is there not a more perfect time than right now?? Here are some things that you can do to ensure that you are starting spring with a new perspective and attitude:


What are tolerations you ask? Well, tolerations are those things that you are tolerating and allowing to bother you and drain your energy. Although they drive you crazy, you have yet to do anything about it. They can be as little as cleaning your closet (well, if it is my wife’s closet this may be a HUGE toleration) or as big as severing a relationship with someone that is not good for you. Regardless, these are things that you know you need to do but that somehow you just keep putting off. Well, if not now, when?

Start by putting together a list all the things that are bothering you that you have been ignoring. Broken toilet paper holder? Add it to the list. Reaching out to your parents? Add it to the list. Revise your resume? Add it to the list. Clean your e-mail box? Add it to the list. You catch my drift, right?

Once you have at least 25 of these tolerations, get to work. Start addressing them. One. By. One. You will see that not only you will feel better doing them, but you will start getting more energy to address anything else you want to.


This one I learned in a training I had at one of my previous jobs. We all have filters. These filters collect pre-conceived notions based on experiences we have had in the past. They can be attributed to people, clients and situations. Think of it as the filter of a clothes dryer. What happens when your filter is blocking the air flow in your trusted applience? Your dryer starts performing less efficiently. Same happens to our brains. If we go into situations with pre-conceived notions of the outcome, we are just setting ourselves up for some self-fulfilling prophecies.

Have you ever gotten a meeting notice and your immediate reaction was: “Again?? Do we really need to go to this meeting and not accomplish anything again?”. That’s your filter talking. Or maybe so you are pitching something to a client but in the back of your head a voice is telling you: “Why bother, they will pick this apart like they always do”. Yep, that’s your filter.

This spring clean out your mental filters. Take a deep breath and slowly peal that disgusting, lint filled layer of pre-conceived notions that may be holding you back. Approach each situation as an opportunity and not a burden. This will allow for a fresh start and who knows where this new attitude can take you.


Oh gardening, one of the staples of spring. My wife is already salivating at what she can plant now, so that they can be in full bloom in the future. It is time we do the same in our professional lives. What are seeds that we can plant today that might lead to opportunities in the future? Is there an association you can join that might introduce you to some cool people (Creative Mornings, EPIC Toledo, Detroit Young Professionals are some of mine)? Are there any contacts you can leverage that would lead to new business? Is there a networking event you have been dying to check out, but never have? Is there a course you could take that would help you grow your business acumen? Plant your seeds today so you can have a full harvest down the line.

Now that your seeds are planted, open your damn windows already. Its spring, birds are chirping, kids are playing, sun is shining. Why are you closing yourself out? When it comes to opportunity finding you, it can’t come in if your windows are closed! Now that you have done all the preparation to be successful, keep yourself open. Say yes. Often. Who knows what the winds of change will bring ya…

Andre Mello is a Business Coach and cannot wait for spring weather to come to Detroit already. He has been in marketing and leadership for over 17 years and has partnered with people through coaching and leadership development. To connect with Andre please visit www.wysecoaching.com

Andre Mello