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The Energy Collective – Leveraging the group for success


Have you noticed that you have a different reaction when you are experiencing something with a group of people than when you experience it on your own? Let’s say you are watching a comedian on a Netflix special compared to seeing them in a theater or comedy club. Do you have the same belly laughs at home as you have watching with other people? How about a college football game? Is it a different experience watching it at home in surround sound compared to attending it at a stadium in the middle of the student section? And what about a scary movie? Were you as scared watching the movie alone, compared to when you watched it in the company of 100 terrified viewers?

My point here is that your experience can be enhanced when we are with other people (Introverts out there, I know this is not true for everyone, so chillax). I am a huge music fan, and there is no greater experience than watching a live performance alongside thousands of people that share your love for the artist you are seeing. People sing along, smile, cry and experience all the sensations together. This creates an energy that can be palpably felt by everyone around (even the ones that might not be crazy about the whole thing). Don’t believe me, here is exhibit A:

I am originally from Brazil and am a huge soccer fan. Nothing brings a community together like rooting for the same team, or trying to reach the same objective. Whenever Brazil plays an international soccer game it is tradition the hear the National anthems of each team before the match. Trouble is, the Brazilian national anthem is quite long and it typically gets cut off to move the game along. However, it is now tradition for the Brazilian fans to keep singing the anthem in its entirety, well passed the time the music is shut off. The result provides goose bumps to people that watch it anywhere, let alone when you are participating in the event at a stadium. It is clear that this collective energy is being generated and affecting all that participate and witness it. Here, take a look:

This is why people go to the movies, to comedy clubs, to church and to music festivals. We all want to feel that collective energy and sense of community. Being with a group of like-minded people that are all gathered for the same reason. That is why nothing can replicate the feeling of being part of a team. You go through the same experiences, you achieve and you falter, you laugh and you cry. Together. Having that collective experience will push you farther than you would on your own.

So why are we not leveraging these same concepts that we know drive us in our personal lives, in our professional lives? At work we are part of a team, we are typically trying to achieve the same thing, so why don’t we get that same feeling at work?

Well the answer is that we don’t make work feel like a collective experience.

Although most of us are part of a corporate team we mostly view our work as an individual effort. There are many reasons why this is so:  poor team structure that results in silos, the fact that people want to get credit and avoid fault on their own, and finally there is the no incentive to work as a team. Our commissions are individualized and our performance reviews likewise. Furthermore, leaders do a bad job of making the team feel… well… like a team.

Things get even tougher when you are an entrepreneur. Sometimes you are a team of one. How can you leverage collective energy if you don’t have a collective?

Well my friends, co-working shared spaces are an amazing place to leverage that collective energy without having a team. I recently started a partnership with Bamboo Detroit (www.bamboodetroit.com) and have been experiencing first-hand what it is like to work on your own but still be part of a team.

The people at Bamboo are not only friendly professionals, but they function as a true team. They are all looking to grow their business, make a difference and achieve their goals. In Detroit. So even if you are in different industries you share a common background. That thing that makes you go out on a limb and start something new. That desire to change the world.

More importantly, the Bamboo team does everything they can to bring these people together and create a vibe that although we all have our own thing we are in this together. A true community.

They do that by providing resources (such as my services), having open houses, encouraging members to use each other as resources, creating networking events and always communicating opportunities to learn and grow. Together. And it makes a difference. To the individual AND the community.

So, if you are at work or if you work for yourself, make an effort to generate that collective energy and leverage it. Leverage it into motivation, goal achievement. Leverage it so that your community grows and you have more people to rely on. Do it because when you do so you are not just making a difference for you, you are making a difference for the collective.

Andre Mello is a Business Coach and a true believer that together we can achieve more. He has been in marketing and leadership for over 17 years. To connect with Andre please visit www.wysecoaching.com

Andre Mello