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Random Thoughts Make the World Go'Round

'Twas the Week before Meeting


'Twas the week before meeting, and Jon was freaked out

He was antsy and scared, and was filled with self-doubt.

He had many thoughts swirling ‘round in his head

But all of his focus had turned into dread.


“What should I say to get my team prepared?

I want them to flourish, I want them to care.

Care about work, and their colleagues, and such

‘cause I care about them, they all do so much.”


John was at a crossroad, he needed someone,

Who could give him some guidance to get it all done.

A person that had a specific approach,

By golly he’s got it, Jon needed a coach!!


A coach that could help him work through his fear,

Provide him support, some insight and cheer.

A coach who could help him achieve his main goal

And help him come up with a plan good as gold


He went into his meeting, poised and assertive

He knew what to do, what he was in pursuit of.

His team heard it all with astounding delight

They were ready to work, to put up a good fight


Jon was excited, he knew he came through

He just really needed some help to breakthrough

He found out that coaching was well worth his time

It paid back in spades, an allowed him to shine.


Now Jon sings the praises of coaches and such

He tells all his friends that need help just as much

So now that the new year is quickly approaching

Take a hard look at your friends at Wyse Coaching.

Happy Holidays! 

Andre MelloComment