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Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

Everyone needs a cheerleader. Someone that stands on the sidelines and tells you that you can. That you are stronger than you think. That your hard work will pay off. Whether it’s a an adviser, a husband, a wife, a brother, a coach, or a boss, those who walk alongside us are not mentioned enough in our success stories. It is a true shame.

Being able to generously provide your energy for the success of others is a gift. Especially when the only return is being able to see those you support cared for. It is something so precious that it doesn’t come naturally. Most people have enough to worry about, so worrying about someone else and if they need some encouragement is not the first thing that comes to mind. The proof is that sports team cheerleaders developed into a profession because we were unable to cheer on own as a crowd! We needed to be reminded to make some noise, to tell the team fight, that we were are their side. Especially in critical moments… 4th down. Final minutes. At the finish line. Seriously!! 

That is why cheerleaders are so precious. They are the ones that spark the rally, even if it is just inside us. The catalysts of change. That does not mean that they just cheer us on. It means that they listen while we work things out, they give us suggestions on how to breakthrough, and most of all they are there. Present. For us.

Recently I was able to experience the magic of cheerleaders. Of those who were just as excited as I was of what I was going to do. I attended a coaching training program in Atlanta where I met 13 other students of the coaching arts and told them my journey of jumping in to trying to be a difference maker for others. Every single one of them told me how awesome it was that I made that choice. When I showed my vulnerabilities, opened up and shared that I was scared, terrified in fact, they said that I could do it. Even when I did not ask they provided a kind word. A smile. A nod. A simple gesture that said: you got this. All of it with nothing asked in returned. I cannot express how much it meant to me. How much it gave me strength to keep going. How much it validated me on my decision to be all in. I am thankful for them. My cheerleaders.

So, look around and see who YOUR cheerleaders are. Thank them. Ask them for help. Tell them you can’t do it without them. Acknowledge their gifts. Their power. If you don’t have a cheerleader, go get yourself one. There are a tons of people out there waiting to cheer you on. Find a coach, find a friend, find a listening ear. I just met 13 of them in Atlanta. I am sure they would love to walk alongside you.

Until then I am returning their generosity by connecting with you. I am cheering for you.

You got this. You are stronger than you think. You have all the tools that are needed to breakthrough. You are amazing. I am looking forward to seeing all that you do. Now go do it!

Andre Wyse Mello is a business coach and a cheerleader. He has been in leadership and marketing for over 16 years. To connect with Andre please visit wysecoaching.com


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