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Business Development coaching In DETROIT for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In business, as in life, we navigate through a series of situations that require us to problem solve and adapt. These situations play a critical part in determining who we are, what we accomplish and the imprint we leave in the world. They are the catalysts of our greatest joys as well as our biggest frustrations. 

Most of us go through life winging these situations. We treat them as yet another thing we need to get through and move on to the next thing. Some of them we hit out of the park, some of them are left with much to be desired.

What if we could take a step back and look at these situations proactively instead of reactively? Would we act differently? More importantly, would working through them lead us in a different direction and make us learn more about ourselves? 

Wyse Coaching provides an objective partnership to prepare you for the situations you are living through. Think of it as an assisted self-reflection on anything you need help on. It could be related to your job, to your personal development or the next big step you might be thinking about taking. Regardless of what you are going through, we are here to partner with you through it and help you find your own breakthroughs. 




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Areas of Coaching

1-1 Coaching

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Personal achievement is not something that just happens, it takes work. Everyday you have to ensure you are in the right mindset and will yourself to positive outcomes. Further more, to reach your goals you need a plan. Something that will not only provides you with a roadmap, but that also holds you accountable.

Wyse Coaching is here to partner with you so that you can breakthrough and get the results you seek. 

  • Goal setting
  • Career change
  • Achieving maximum performance
  • Key decision making

Leadership Coaching

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Being a leader is the hardest position in business today. If the pressure you have from your own leaders is not enough, the pressure you put on yourself will certainly impact your performance. Partner with us on developing your own leadership style, maximizing your team's performance and bringing a little fun into your team interactions.

Wyse Coaching is here to partner with you to assist you in creating a positive, successful team.

  • Team building
  • Event based programs
  • Building trust
  • Increasing performance

Business development coaching

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Being an entrepreneurs and small business owner is a tough and lonely job. You have several objectives you are trying to reach, tons of opportunities you can explore and immense pressure to succeed. As much as you can rely on family and friends for support, it is hard for them to have an objective opinion that will help you navigate though your journey.

Wyse Coaching can help you define the goals of your business and what it will take to reach them. In addition we will be your biggest cheerleader providing you with the support and motivation you need to excel.  

  • Definition of structure
  • Role sorting
  • Time management
  • Marketing strategy review

Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.
— Tom Robbins


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